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Alaskan Salmon Cakes with Spinach Pesto and Avocado

This is more than a recipe, is a healthy and delicious lectin-free dinner idea. When I posted on Instagram our dinner yesterday, I had not planned to write the recipe down, but I got so many requests for recipes for both the salmon cakes and the spinach pesto that I had to retrace all my steps and put it all together.

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Lectin-Free Sushi Rolls With Cauliflower Rice

I usually start my posts with telling you how easy is to make a recipe. Well, I would lie if I said this was easy, and that’s the reason I don’t make it more often. It’s funny because when you look at it seems simple, but when you start spreading everything on the working surface and cauliflower rice is everywhere, well, expect a mess. Did I just talk you out of making this lectin-free sushi rolls recipe? What if I tell you is all worth it?

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Grain Free Peach Tart with Almond and Green Banana Flour

It’s summer and peaches are in season and peaches in Texas are especially awesome, so I’m trying to put them to good use as long as they are in season, with this grain free peach tart that is also lectin free and sugar free. There are many myths out there that you can’t have fruits at all if you are following the Plant Paradox program, but this is not true at all, unless you are on the keto intensive program. Having fruits in season, in moderation and preferably grown locally is just common sense and how it should be. Continue Reading…

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The Ultimate Plant Paradox Burger

This plant paradox burger is really good, the best to me, at least until I find a better way to make it. This burger patties can be vegan or not, but even if not it still follows the Plant Paradox guidelines of reducing animal protein, because 90% of this patties are made of lectin-free, plant based ingredients. It’s also super low carb because the bun is a Portobello mushroom.

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Salmon-Tarragon and Prosciutto Personal Pizzas

Pizza is a treat in our home, and we have it for dinner in the weekends with a glass of red wine. So far, crust has always been the same, I make it with the Simple Mills pizza crust flour mix (lectin free, gluten free, grain free), but I always try to spice things up with the toppings. This past weekend I was set on trying a combination of salmon and tarragon, and because my husband was not sure if he would like that, I also made a more classic prosciutto one.

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Grain Free Fettuccine Carbonara

Carbonara is one of those classic pasta dishes that everyone likes, it is a super simple recipe, but many don’t know that and assume there is a lot of cream in there to make the sauce. My favorite source of classic recipes is Jamie Oliver – I love how much he respects the food and loves cooking, and has the same passion for good food as Italians have. So I’ve learnt many tricks from wathing his videos, inclusive some for making carbonara. A super simple recipe to make Plant Paradox compliant, if you have access to a grain free pasta, or can make it at home.

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Almond Hazelnut Birthday Cake with Mascarpone Cream

And a hint of bourbon. I rarely make a birthday cake, mainly because they are too big for our small family, and hard to eat it all. We shared this one with friends. But, it was my husband’s birthday on the Easter Sunday, so I thought this is a perfect occasion for a birthday treat. Plus, is almost strawberries season. Be careful though, strawberries are #1 on the 2018 dirty dozen list (that means they are loaded with pesticides) so only buy organic / local from a trusted source and wash really well.

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Rosemary and Chocolate Bread with Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive Olive Oil

There is something about this Mediterranean combination of ingredients that really appeals to me, and I’ve done a similar bread before with wheat flour, but I wanted to test a grain free, lectin free version. First time I shared a version of this bread I made a mistake and forgot to add the extra virgin olive oil under the ingredients lists. I was on vacation in West Texas with no possibility to test the recipe when I figured out the mistake, so the first day I came back I had to make it again and refine it to make sure everything is accurate. This is an improved version and I’m happy to say is delicious, moist and super nutritious.

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Strawberry-Thyme Croustades with a Kick of Collagen

lectin-free recipes

Give credit where credit is due. This is not an original recipe at all. This morning, while I visited out local grass fed shop, Burgundy’s Pasture Beef, I also collected an issue of Edible Magazine, the Dallas and Forth Worth edition. At page 18 I saw a mouth watering picture and I knew I had to try and make a lectin-free recipe version, of those amazingly looking croustades.  Continue Reading…