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Sea Vegetables Chicken Salad with Miracle Noodles

This salad was born when I discovered the Sea Tangle Mixed Sea Vegetables in Whole Foods. I’m not sure if this is available in other stores, but I’m sure you will find some sort of compliant sea vegetables elsewhere. Just make sure they have no weird ingredients added, they should only need salt. This is easy to put together and works as dinner but also can be packed for a workday lunch.

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Lectin Free Avocado Salsa

Who is eating avocado daily? I do and sometimes I’m bored with all the classic ways of eating it. This morning, while reading the new Special Issue of National Geographic about Blue Zones and the science of living longer, I found this recipe of avocado salsa inspired by Loma Linda vegetarian cuisine (Loma Linda in California is one of the seven blue zones in the world, where people live the longest and healthiest lives).

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Bi-Color Sweet Potato Salad

This sweet potato salad has been one on my first recipes posted when I started my Instagram account, but at that time I didn’t have a website so It was not posted here. But 4th of July is approaching and I got few requests for plant paradox compliant side dished that are not green salads. This is lectin free and vegetarian, and it’s a base that you can play with and make it your own.

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Tabbouleh With Millet and Hemp Hearts

One of my favorite salads, tabbouleh, is back to my table after experimenting with plant paradox compliant ingredients that taste the and have the same texture as bulgur. That is millet and hemp hearts. Millet by itself was a bit too soft to work, but mixed with some crunchy hemp herts / seeds does a great job to add texture to this lectin free tabbouleh salad.

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Cauliflower Rice and Seaweed Vegetable Poke Bowl

This lectin free bowl looks only plant based, but it has mini shrimps in it, which you can easily skip to make the dish vegetarian. The dressing has mayonnaise, which again can be skipped for a complete vegan version. So there is a little bit for everyone, and there is enough variety of vegetables to make it delicious and nutritious whatever the version.

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Chicken Salad Nori Rolls with Organic Miracle Rice

This tarragon-cranberry chicken I made and shared recently keeps on giving. I usually don’t do much meal prep, but it’s fun to re-cyle and up-cycle and reinvent a new meal every day based on the same core ingredient. Also, making nori rolls has been one of my first experiments when I started the Plant Paradox Program, I guess because I wanted to check if I can still have sushi rolls – or at least something close to the experience of having sushi.

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