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The Beginner’s Guide to Baking Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread

February 29, 2024
gluten-free sourdough bread

Hello there, fellow baker! I’m Claudia, a health coach, healthy food enthusiast, and amateur sourdough baker. My journey into gluten-free sourdough baking began in February 2022. Since then, daily practice and valuable insights from readers who have embraced my method have expanded my knowledge, and I’m excited to pass on what I’ve learned.

Starting your adventure in sourdough baking, gluten-free or otherwise, can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why I’ve crafted this comprehensive guide to baking gluten-free sourdough for beginners, designed to demystify the process and ignite your passion for this craft.

Baking your own artisan bread is not just an important life skill; it’s a rewarding escape from the fast-paced convenience of modern eating, offering deep satisfaction and a tangible connection to the age-old tradition of bread making. Join me on this delightful journey and discover the joys of creating homemade sourdough bread—a true labor of love.

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