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Cauliflower, Collard Greens and Spinach Creamy Soup

There are two easy ways to eat a lot of veggies at one time: smoothies and soups. Smoothies are a little restrictive, as you can’t make a collard greens and cauliflower smoothie, right? But soups, you can add any vegetables you want, cook and blend them and you get some creamy goodness. This lectin-free creamy soup, only plant based, it’s delicious and packs a lot of nutrients.¬† Continue Reading…

All Recipes/ Everyday Meals/ Kids Food/ Latest Posts/ Soups/ Vegan/ Vegetarian

Healing Vegetable Soup with Kale and Broccoli Sprouts

September is here and so are my cravings for soups. But this healing vegetables soup was actually born from my attempt to pack as many power veggies as possible in just one easy to make and delicious dish. Smoothies, salads and soups are the three easiest ways to combine a big variety of ingredients and have them in one go, but soups must probably be also the easiest on digestion for everyone.

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Lectin-Free Shrimp and Cauliflower Creamy Soup

This shrimp and cauliflower creamy soup is in fact one third bisque, one third chowder and one third Brazilian shrimp stew. While trying to understand how the three type of dishes are made and what’s the difference between them I decided to try to combine the best of the three worlds. The result is a half smooth, half chunky creamy soup with a Brazilian twist.

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Beef Stew with Parsnips, Turnips and Sunchokes

Beef stew lectin free

I grew up in a country where stew is the national dish (Romania), and I don’t feel like stew is so much of a precision recipe, it’s more about the quality of the ingredients, spices and patience, especially with beef. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and I like to let international celebrations like this one inspire me. I don’t know much about ¬†Irish cuisine, but after a search online beef stew looked like something approachable and achievable, given my experience with stew. I would not call this an Irish stew because Irish people will probably cringe, but it is a stew, it’s lectin free and it was delicious.

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Seafood and Okra Gumbo with Sorghum

I love gumbo but since it would impossible to have a lectin free gumbo in a restaurant, I tried to make my own. I was not disappointed. Not that difficult to make it plant paradox compliant: replaced the rice with sorghum, skipped the tomatoes and bell pepper and added Hungarian paprika, use a fabulous gumbo spice mix I found in Central Market in Dallas.

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