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Beef Stew with Parsnips, Turnips and Sunchokes

Beef stew lectin free

I grew up in a country where stew is the national dish (Romania), and I don’t feel like stew is so much of a precision recipe, it’s more about the quality of the ingredients, spices and patience, especially with beef. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and I like to let international celebrations like this one inspire me. I don’t know much about ┬áIrish cuisine, but after a search online beef stew looked like something approachable and achievable, given my experience with stew. I would not call this an Irish stew because Irish people will probably cringe, but it is a stew, it’s lectin free and it was delicious.

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Seafood and Okra Gumbo with Sorghum

I love gumbo but since it would impossible to have a lectin free gumbo in a restaurant, I tried to make my own. I was not disappointed. Not that difficult to make it plant paradox compliant: replaced the rice with sorghum, skipped the tomatoes and bell pepper and added Hungarian paprika, use a fabulous gumbo spice mix I found in Central Market in Dallas.

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