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Green Dream Herbs Dressing

I’ve been experimenting with this herbs dressing for quite some time, and now I feel completely happy with how it turns out and how it compliments so many different dishes. I love herbs but you know, unless you are my father, you can’t really eat herbs like you eat salad leaves. I don’t know, I just don’t feel like biting from a fresh bunch of parsley or cilantro, like my dad used to do when we were kids (and still does, with a grin on his face).

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Artichoke Tapenade with Mixed Olives

I don’t know what’s with me today but I’m in a cooking mood (more than usual) and I have all kind of funny (and refined) cravings. The tapenade craving came in fact about a week ago, when I saw a jar of tapenade in the supermarket, but when I looked at ingredients it was made with some non-compliant oil. So I bought a jar of artichokes with the thought of making it myself. And I did today.

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Orange Tahini Sauce / Spread

Few weeks ago a fellow Dallas food blogger mentioned these two words in a conversation: tahini and orange. He also said “is better than Nutella”. Enough to convince me this must be a good combination, so I’ve been dreaming about it for the past weeks. It turns out the combination lives up to my expectations – I couldn’t stop licking the fork I was mixing with, my fingers too.

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Basil Pesto with Walnuts

Now everyone has a pesto recipe, and I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but a lot of my recipes require pesto, so I have to add it here. Pesto is a really easy thing to make, and honestly never bought one already made, but to me the most difficult part is drying the basil. Pesto will not be ok if the basil you use is wet, and it takes an awful lot of time, even after using a salad spinner, to completely dry.

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Homemade Tahini Sauce with Garlic and Cumin

Tahini sauce, dressing, dip, call it what you want, this is the best you will ever have. And no, it’s not my recipe, I was inspired by fellow Dallas good food lover who goes by the name @svpz on Instagram, who was inspired by Chef J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, who was inspired by a technique of Michael Solomonov, author of Zahav cookbook. What can I say, good recipes travel a long way.

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