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How to Stay Plant Paradox Compliant When Traveling

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is about how to stay plant paradox compliant while traveling, so I decided to write down the things I learned from my experience so far, hoping it will help those of you who are concerned about traveling on the plant paradox. Beyond all the specific tips about food items, I’d like to say that the way we think about food matters. Travel, even when is for pleasure, usually involves some kind of stress, and we don’t want to add to it, as being stressed is as bad as eating unhealthy, hence it defeats the purpose.  We should not do things out of fear, but rather take everything as a challenge and try to have fun finding creative solutions and living the new lifestyle in different contexts.  Continue Reading…

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Miracle Rice Pudding With Macadamia Milk and Texas Peaches

Every now and then I crave rice pudding and I usually have it as a main meal, not as a dessert. Rice pudding was one of my favorites foods growing up and when I met my Danish husband, one of the meals he made me was ‘risalamande’, a traditional Danish rice pudding with almonds usually made around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Delicious!

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The Ultimate Plant Paradox Burger

This plant paradox burger is really good, the best to me, at least until I find a better way to make it. This burger patties can be vegan or not, but even if not it still follows the Plant Paradox guidelines of reducing animal protein, because 90% of this patties are made of lectin-free, plant based ingredients. It’s also super low carb because the bun is a Portobello mushroom.

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How To Make a Perfect Swiss Chard Side Dish

Although Swiss chard is cheap, nutritious, widely available and easy to prepare, it’s a bit intimidating for a lot of people, as it was for me for many years. But when I shifted my attention from the nightshades food shelves in the grocery stores to the rest of the produce ten months ago, I started to experiment with cooking all those huge green leaves and now I can’t understand how I ignored them for so long.

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Rhubarb and Almond Cheese Tart with Pecan Crumble

Since rhubarb has appeared in my local grocery store, I bought it twice and experimented with it. My first attempt to make a dessert failed, although it was still still eatable. It was a good base, but my ratio of crumble to filling was way off, too much crumble, at least for my taste. So this time I kept it to minimum, use pecans (because Texas) and one of my favorite new discoveries, the almond cream cheese from KiteHill.

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Cauliflower Vegan Tacos

Since we moved to Texas almost three years ago, tacos were a thing in our diet and they are still a thing after I started the Plant Paradox program. I know there are many ways to make lectin free tortillas at home, but to be honest, nothing can beat the convenience and taste of Siete’s almond or coconut tortillas. They are both compliant, with the Coconut & Cassava flour being my favorite. I also love to support Siete because is a small Texas family business.

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