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Strawberry-Thyme Croustades with a Kick of Collagen

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Give credit where credit is due. This is not an original recipe at all. This morning, while I visited out local grass fed shop, Burgundy’s Pasture Beef, I also collected an issue of Edible Magazine, the Dallas and Forth Worth edition. At page 18 I saw a mouth watering picture and I knew I had to try and make a lectin-free recipe version, of those amazingly looking croustades.  Continue Reading…

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Almond Flax Vegan Crackers with Zaatar Spices

I think my first cooking fail when I started the Plant Paradox program (about 7 months ago) were almond crackers. They came our soft, thick, and with a weird taste. I didn’t like them and never tried to make them again. Along the way I discovered flaxseed crackers, which were a revelation. They didn’t need eggs, it was basically just flax meal and water, easy to make, great taste, but sometimes you just need a little more than just flaxseed.   Continue Reading…

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Bok Choy, Broccolini and Mushrooms Stir Fry

This is a super easy recipe and not much to comment about. I have tens of recipes waiting to be uploaded and I decided to do this one today because in one the the Plant Paradox support groups we remind each other every week that plants are the core of our diet, and this week’s hero plant was bok choy. I love stir fries and I love eating with chop sticks, so here it is, one of my favorite ones.

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Lectin Free Cinnamon Rolls for a Sunday Morning

Ok, this is not really a recipe, because for once I followed exactly someone else’s recipe. A couple of weeks ago I ordered for the first time the grain free flour mix from California Country Gal and I am not disappointed a bit. I had to wait a long time because first time I ordered I forgot to give my apartment number so it returned and was sent back again. The main reason of ordering this mix was to test a new bread, because a lot of you and the people following on Instagram mentioned their kids and families still love bread and we need a good one for the transition to a lectin free (or at least grain free) diet. But you know, cinnamon rolls sound much more exciting, because priorities. Now really, my husband  was joking last night that I should wake up at 5 am and have warm cinnamon rolls ready when he wakes up, and I took it seriously. He loved them.

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White Pizza with Zaatar, Italian Porchetta and Arugula

If it’s Friday afternoon is pizza and red wine time. As usual, my lectin free, grain free, gluten free pizzas are made with Simple Mills pizza dough flour mix, and I’m so happy with it I don’t feel like changing it. But I go crazy with the toppings and try to make it different each time. These days I’m obsessed with Zaatar – after I finally found sumac in one of the supermarkets here in Dallas. I skipped the basil pesto that has been a staple ingredient for my plant paradox compliant pizzas, and made a zaatar mix as a base. Cheese was Buffalo Mozzarella and toppings were Italian Porchetta, and arugula and pickled red onion salad. Everything just goes really well together.

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Collard Greens Wraps with Sardines and Avocado Salad

If I had to make a top of the most nutritional meal I cooked so far this has to be on top. I was almost the way out my door to buy some chicken for these wraps, but then I remembered I keep some fish cans in my pantry for emergency. And what could be better than a can of Sardines, with 1,100mg of Omega 3 per container. The brand I had, Season Brand, are are also sustainably and wild caught, and no BPA lining. I also buy them in water and salt, because I heard the olive oil used in canning is not the best and might be already rancid. Better safe than sorry.

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Shirataki Noodles Chocolate Pudding with Almonds

One of the first Plant Paradox, lectin free ‘desserts’ I made was the Shirataki rice chocolate pudding from The Plant Paradox book. I’ve always been really happy with it, but it involved a little few extra steps that were making this dish less approachable. Nothing difficult, but I heard people asking if there is a way to make it easier. Last night I wanted to fix some easy dinner, and didn’t have much in the fridge. I was also craving chocolate (I didn’t have any in some time) so I thought I’d give this recipe a try without following all the steps in the book. It worked!

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Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I’ve been seeing a lot of interest lately from parents trying to get their children to eat better, healthier food and give up some of the worst offenders in the Standard American Diet such as sugar and heavily processed food. And I can imagine how difficult it is for these parents when their kids are surrounded by so many unhealthy choices. So I’ve been thinking to put together a menu to help parents help their children eat better. Easy to prepare, easy to store for few days and even freeze, and quite fun to involve the children in the preparation process. I’ll start with this chicken nuggets recipe, because well, it is one of children’s most favorite foods.

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Lectin-Free Shrimp and Cauliflower Creamy Soup

This shrimp and cauliflower creamy soup is in fact one third bisque, one third chowder and one third Brazilian shrimp stew. While trying to understand how the three type of dishes are made and what’s the difference between them I decided to try to combine the best of the three worlds. The result is a half smooth, half chunky creamy soup with a Brazilian twist.

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