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Everyday Little Breads for Your Lectin-Light Journey

I always wonder if there is anyone in this world not loving bread. Is there? I absolutely love bread, although I am lucky I only like very good bread, which luckly is hard to find in our days. Otherwise, I’m not at all tempted by the usual bread you find in stores and many restaurants. In my book – The Living Well Without Lectins Cookbook – I have quite a few recipes for replacements for bread, and from your feedback so far they are quite succesful. But I felt it was time for something new. Something easy to put together, to suit as many lifestyles as possible, to be tasty and have a satisfying texture. And that’s how these flavorful, simple “little breads” were born.

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Five Day Fast-Mimicking, Vegan and Lectin-Light Cleanse

Hi there! A couple of weeks ago my mom and I decided to do a cleanse. I had traveled quite a lot and eaten out and with the change of seasons we both felt like shaking things up a little bit. So we decided on the five day fast-mimicking, vegan and lectin-light plan outlined in The Longevity Paradox, by Dr. Steven Gundry. We wanted to share our experience in case you are thinking to do the same and have any doubts or questions before you start. As a side note, if you are looking for a low histamine cleanse, this one, although not low histamine by all standards, it is relatively low histamine.

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‘Zacusca’ – A Traditional Nightshade Spread Made Lectin-Light

‘Zacusca’ is a traditional Romanian spread made of onions, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, that I used to love and I never thought I’d be able to eat again after starting a low-lectin diet. But, never say never, because I managed to make a lectin-light version yesterday and I loved it. BONUS RECIPE: cassava tortillas / flatbreads.

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Low Lectin Meatball Soup, Romanian Style. In the Pressure Cooker.

“Ciorba de perisoare” – that’s how we call this meatball soup in Romania. It’s always been one of our favorites, and everytime we come home we ask my mom to make some for us. Technically, in Romania soup is not exactly the term we use for this type of broth, we rather use the Eastern European term “ciorba”. In Romania, a soup is sweet, while a “ciorba” is more or less sour, depending on taste.

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Lectin-Free “Graham” Crackers or Digestive Biscuits

Hello from Denmark. I’m here missing a lot of my usual treats I had in the US, but that only motivates me to create more. I haven’t missed crackers in my life so far, there were plenty of options in the US and my Sweet Potato Crackers are better than any store bought crackers I have ever had. But I missed something else: biscuits. Now, if you are reading this in the US, you think of something different when you read or hear biscuits. But what I mean my biscuits is the what you might call crackers, however there is a big difference between biscuits and crackers. Crackers are really crunchy, while biscuits are more floury. This recipe is what you would call “graham crackers”, or what in Europe we would call “digestive biscuits”.

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Red Cabbage and Leeks Casserole with Dill

Since I came to Denmark, I cooked variations of this dish so many times, I figured what was my favorite combination and wanted to share it with the world. The cabbage I find here is particularly beautiful and tasty. Someone in Australia told me this variety is called particularly loaf. Any cabbage would work though, although if you want it to also look pretty, choose a red one.

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