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April 2018

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Tabbouleh With Millet and Hemp Hearts

One of my favorite salads, tabbouleh, is back to my table after experimenting with plant paradox compliant ingredients that taste the and have the same texture as bulgur. That is millet and hemp hearts. Millet by itself was a bit too soft to work, but mixed with some crunchy hemp herts / seeds does a great job to add texture to this lectin free tabbouleh salad.

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Italian Fusion Seafood Nachos

I love the idea of sharing platter and eating with hands, and for this reason I loved nachos. For me it doesn’t really matter the ingredients as long as it’s tasty and healthy food, but I wanted to re-create the experience of eating nachos. I’ve made this dish before with chicken, and I’m still due to upload it on here, hopefully soon. Until then, the seafood option is as delicious, if not better.

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Cauliflower Rice and Seaweed Vegetable Poke Bowl

This lectin free bowl looks only plant based, but it has mini shrimps in it, which you can easily skip to make the dish vegetarian. The dressing has mayonnaise, which again can be skipped for a complete vegan version. So there is a little bit for everyone, and there is enough variety of vegetables to make it delicious and nutritious whatever the version.

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Dr. Gundry’s Lemon Poppy Coffee Cake

This is seriously the best Plant Paradox cake I’ve made. This recipe from The Plant Paradox Cookbook by Dr. Steven Gundry caught my attention by… just being a cake with a beautiful texture. And I love cakes. I’ve been trying to perfect a grain free, sugar free, lectin free coffee cake for the past ten months and I’ve made some good ones, but this is the best so far.

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Sunchokes Breakfast Skillet

Sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes are one of those vegetables relatively new to my diet, which I only discovered after starting the Plant Paradox protocol. Sunchokes naturally contain inulin, therefore is part of the prebiotic plants group. This tuber is infamous for its gassy effects, but I think is rather unfair considering its health benefits, and a problem I have not experienced when I ate them.

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Beef Liver Pate with Bourbon and Fresh Herbs

I do not have a problem with eating liver, quite the opposite. I grew up eating pate and liver in different forms and it was actually one of my favorite foods for a long time. It still is but since I had a hard time finding 100% grass fed beef liver or pasture raised chicken liver I preferred not to consume it at all. So when I finally found beef liver that is 100% grass fed and local, I went for it.

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