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Falafel Three Way with Cauliflower, Sunchokes and Parsnip

What is life without falafel? I think I had some of the best falafel while living in Dubai, and I will not pretend this one lives up to those, but it is a super decent lectin free replacement, chickpea free and Plant Paradox approved. Taste wise is the same, mainly due to the amazing mix of spices I used: cumin (my favorite), ground coriander and cardamom. The texture is a little bit soft, unlike a real falafel, but I am still yet to find a vegetable that gives the same consistency as chickpeas.

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Green Dream, The Plant Paradox Smoothie

Everyone starts The Plant Paradox program with the famous green smoothie, but I didn’t. I started it with baking orange-cranberry muffins. That says something about me, right? Joke aside, the reason I didn’t make a smoothie for two weeks was because I had no blender. I ordered a blender, waited for it to come, and started experimenting with the original green smoothie from the book, until I reached a mix I am satisfied with. The reason I call it Green Dream is because when I shared the smoothie for the first time on my Instagram, someone commented that it looks like a green dream, and I asked that person permission to use this as the official name. He agreed.

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