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Pao de Beijo or Luana’s Brazilian Sun Kissed Bread

You remember the easy Brazilian cheese bread I shared a few months ago? It was so easy to make and so delicious, I feel like you never need any other bread recipe. Well, if you are familiar with the recipe, this one comes from the same source, my dear Brazilian friend who was so kind to share it with me and all of you. Luana’s Brazilian Sun Kissed Bread, or ‘Pao de beijo’ in Brazilian (kiss bread) is a plant-based, dairy-free version of the above mentioned cheese bread.

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Plant Paradox Curried Sardines in Radicchio Cups

Sardines might look like a humble food, but they are a nutritional powerhouse. Rich in Omega-3s, sardines are an abundant source of EPA and DHA (what you usually look for in fish oil capsules) and an affordable source of quality protein. That’s why I’m in a mission to contribute to making sardines a staple for those following the Plant Paradox diet.

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Ginger and Turmeric Sweet Potato Muffins

These lectin-free sweet potato muffins are delicious. I’ve been considering making sweet potato muffins for a few months now, but sometimes I’m too lazy to think of something new, so I stick with the old good recipes that are tried and tested. Yesterday I was finally inspired and motivated enough to give this idea a try.

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Turmeric – Macadamia – Coconut Sunshine Bites

These three ingredients energy bites, or call them turmeric macadamia fat bombs, are not only pretty but also tasty and healthy, and super easy to make, lectin free, sugar free. They are made of coconut flakes, macadamia butter and my (NOT so) secret ingredient, the Turmeric Tonic created by the amazing ladies at Further Food.

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Turmeric Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes are one of my favorite foods, so tasty, nutritious and so many ways to cook it. Today I was trying to find a way to have some Turmeric Tonic, because I’m having a little bit of a sinus pressure, and Turmeric Tonic always helps, but I did not want a warm drink. So I decided to cook a small potato on the stove and add the turmeric elixir at the end.  Continue Reading…