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Lectin-Free Orange Cranberry Muffins

It’s the season for cranberry everything. And the only time when we find fresh cranberries in shops, so we better take advantage of it. I made my own cranberry sauce (that was delicious and a holiday hit) but I had to try and mix some of my two favorite flavors: orange and cranberries. And that’s how these lectin-free orange cranberry muffins were born.

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The Ultimate Plant Paradox Meatloaf

If you look at Dr. Gundry’s new Food Pyramid, you will see meat is at the top of the pyramid, meaning is to be had sparingly and only from 100% pastured cows. But we all know real life beats theory, and if we have to feed a big family that is not yet completely into the plant paradox lifestyle, we need to find ways to work around it. So finding ways to hack classic comfort food and re-create healthier alternatives is my mission. This plant paradox meatloaf might sound like a heavy meal, but what if I told you more than half of it is made of vegetables? Continue Reading…

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Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I’ve been seeing a lot of interest lately from parents trying to get their children to eat better, healthier food and give up some of the worst offenders in the Standard American Diet such as sugar and heavily processed food. And I can imagine how difficult it is for these parents when their kids are surrounded by so many unhealthy choices. So I’ve been thinking to put together a menu to help parents help their children eat better. Easy to prepare, easy to store for few days and even freeze, and quite fun to involve the children in the preparation process. I’ll start with this chicken nuggets recipe, because well, it is one of children’s most favorite foods.

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Pesto Pizza with Fromage d’Affinois and Prosciutto di Parma

Fromage d’Affinois is a double cream French cheese very similar in taste and texture with Brie, so feel free to go with Brie if you don’t find it. It will be the same thing. Initially, the plan was to make this pizza with Buffalo Mozarella, but there was none to be found at Whole Foods so I decided to go with something more French. I always loved the combination between French soft cheese, Prosciutto or other quality cold cuts and a berry dressing. They just go super well together and make an ordinary pizza a gourmet experience. Especially when paired with a good glass of red wine. Making and eating this pizza is a socializing occasion in our family, so we start with the first pizza (the dough mix makes 2 crusts), roll it out, cook it and eat it, and when we finish we make the second one. It’s a perfect weekend afternoon activity for the entire the family.

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Basic Dutch Baby Pancake with Wild Blueberries

Never tasted, never made one before. But because I’m such a visual person (it’s not for nothing that I wanted to be a photographer) I had to make one when I saw a beautiful picture of one. I had no idea if it will work but the lectin free Dutch Baby pancake came out quite beautifully. Maybe I’ll work more on the flour mix in the future, but I’ll still share this first attempt because it works.

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