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Sea Vegetables Chicken Salad with Miracle Noodles

This salad was born when I discovered the Sea Tangle Mixed Sea Vegetables in Whole Foods. I’m not sure if this is available in other stores, but I’m sure you will find some sort of compliant sea vegetables elsewhere. Just make sure they have no weird ingredients added, they should only need salt. This is easy to put together and works as dinner but also can be packed for a workday lunch.

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Loaded Sweet Potato Wedges with Avocado and Horseradish Aioli

Can you eat healthy and feel like you had a treat? My answer to this question will always be Yes. Take these sweet potato wedges, they are nutritious, easy to make, they are inexpensive, lectin free, they look beautiful and in this combination they taste as if you had the best potato side dish in the best restaurant. Don’t skip the dipping sauce though, it completes this meal perfectly.

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Rosemary and Chocolate Bread with Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive Olive Oil

There is something about this Mediterranean combination of ingredients that really appeals to me, and I’ve done a similar bread before with wheat flour, but I wanted to test a grain free, lectin free version. First time I shared a version of this bread I made a mistake and forgot to add the extra virgin olive oil under the ingredients lists. I was on vacation in West Texas with no possibility to test the recipe when I figured out the mistake, so the first day I came back I had to make it again and refine it to make sure everything is accurate. This is an improved version and I’m happy to say is delicious, moist and super nutritious.

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Collard Greens Wraps with Sardines and Avocado Salad

If I had to make a top of the most nutritional meal I cooked so far this has to be on top. I was almost the way out my door to buy some chicken for these wraps, but then I remembered I keep some fish cans in my pantry for emergency. And what could be better than a can of Sardines, with 1,100mg of Omega 3 per container. The brand I had, Season Brand, are are also sustainably and wild caught, and no BPA lining. I also buy them in water and salt, because I heard the olive oil used in canning is not the best and might be already rancid. Better safe than sorry.

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Salmon Avocado Tartare

This recipe requires a little bit of background. I used to live in Dubai for almost eight years, and I spent many of my lunch breaks in Dubai Mall, in a nice cafe called Angelina, where my favorite dish was something similar with this Salmon Avocado Tartare. Since then I’ve been thinking to make it many times, but I didn’t have the tool to make this beautiful tower. I don’t know what chefs use to make it, but few days ago I bought a big cookie cutter with tall walls that works perfectly for the purpose.

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