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Nigella’s New Orleans Coleslaw Made Lectin-Free

When I cooked for guests last weekend, I checked one of Nigella’s cookbooks I have at home (slightly damaged by a flooding three years ago, but still functional) to get some inspiration. Her love for entertaining is famous and I knew I might find something interesting that can be converted into a nutritious lectin-free dish. And I did: her New Orleans Coleslaw looked exactly like what I needed for this event.

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12 Steps to an Easier Plant Paradox Journey

When I started this article I had no idea was going to be that long. I thought I can stick to 10 steps, but it turns out, even with the 12 steps I didn’t manage to cover everything. I obviously believe in the power of food as medicine. I truly believe that we are what we eat. But, unless food is also our passion – we are chefs, foodies, food photographers, food producers etc – we should not build our life around food. I call this food freedom – even if I am a foodie, a food blogger and photographer and food is a big part of my life – I still consider food just a tool to keep me healthy so I’ll be able to live my best life and reach my potential.

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Lectin-Free Shrimp and Cauliflower Creamy Soup

This shrimp and cauliflower creamy soup is in fact one third bisque, one third chowder and one third Brazilian shrimp stew. While trying to understand how the three type of dishes are made and what’s the difference between them I decided to try to combine the best of the three worlds. The result is a half smooth, half chunky creamy soup with a Brazilian twist.

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Romanian Cabbage Rolls with Sorghum and Paprika

The Romanian in me couldn’t resist to give this Eastern European and Mediterranean staple a chance to become a part of the Plant Paradox menu. Despite its reputation of being a heavy meal, I think this can easily be a healthy food choice. To make it lectin free, I had to replace the rice with sorghum, to omit the tomatoes and tomato pasta and to reduce the amount of animal protein.

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