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Parsnip and Chestnuts Puree with Chives

Mashed potatoes is the ultimate holiday comfort side-dish, but if you are on a health journey and avoiding nightshades, what to do? One easy option is to use a sweet potato instead, and some even use cauliflower, but there is something about parsnips and chestnuts that I like, other that they are lectin-free. They are both fragrant and earthy, much more that a potato or cauliflower.¬† Continue Reading…

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Beef Stew with Parsnips, Turnips and Sunchokes

Beef stew lectin free

I grew up in a country where stew is the national dish (Romania), and I don’t feel like stew is so much of a precision recipe, it’s more about the quality of the ingredients, spices and patience, especially with beef. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and I like to let international celebrations like this one inspire me. I don’t know much about ¬†Irish cuisine, but after a search online beef stew looked like something approachable and achievable, given my experience with stew. I would not call this an Irish stew because Irish people will probably cringe, but it is a stew, it’s lectin free and it was delicious.

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Falafel Three Way with Cauliflower, Sunchokes and Parsnip

What is life without falafel? I think I had some of the best falafel while living in Dubai, and I will not pretend this one lives up to those, but it is a super decent lectin free replacement, chickpea free and Plant Paradox approved. Taste wise is the same, mainly due to the amazing mix of spices I used: cumin (my favorite), ground coriander and cardamom. The texture is a little bit soft, unlike a real falafel, but I am still yet to find a vegetable that gives the same consistency as chickpeas.

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