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The Plant Paradox: 18 Steps to Reduce Chronic Inflammation and Improve Your Health

Do you want to adopt a healthy(-er) lifestyle, eat better, feel better but you are confused and overwhelmed by all the information out there, some of it even contradictory? Well, that was me 1.5 years ago, before I started the Plant Paradox program, in August-2017, so I totally get it. I was in my late 30s, in fact in 2019 I’ll be 40, and although I was relatively healthy all my life (or so I thought) the past few years I started to have all sorts of problems I was puzzled about: gaining weight and looking puffy despite eating ‘well’ and exercising, doing yoga, being active in general. So what was I doing wrong?

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Pesto Pizza with Fromage d’Affinois and Prosciutto di Parma

Fromage d’Affinois is a double cream French cheese very similar in taste and texture with Brie, so feel free to go with Brie if you don’t find it. It will be the same thing. Initially, the plan was to make this pizza with Buffalo Mozarella, but there was none to be found at Whole Foods so I decided to go with something more French. I always loved the combination between French soft cheese, Prosciutto or other quality cold cuts and a berry dressing. They just go super well together and make an ordinary pizza a gourmet experience. Especially when paired with a good glass of red wine. Making and eating this pizza is a socializing occasion in our family, so we start with the first pizza (the dough mix makes 2 crusts), roll it out, cook it and eat it, and when we finish we make the second one. It’s a perfect weekend afternoon activity for the entire the family.

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Basic Dutch Baby Pancake with Wild Blueberries

Never tasted, never made one before. But because I’m such a visual person (it’s not for nothing that I wanted to be a photographer) I had to make one when I saw a beautiful picture of one. I had no idea if it will work but the lectin free Dutch Baby pancake came out quite beautifully. Maybe I’ll work more on the flour mix in the future, but I’ll still share this first attempt because it works.

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