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Turmeric Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes are one of my favorite foods, so tasty, nutritious and so many ways to cook it. Today I was trying to find a way to have some Turmeric Tonic, because I’m having a little bit of a sinus pressure, and Turmeric Tonic always helps, but I did not want a warm drink. So I decided to cook a small potato on the stove and add the turmeric elixir at the end.  Continue Reading…

All Recipes/ Everyday Meals/ Kids Food/ Latest Posts

The Ultimate Plant Paradox Meatloaf

If you look at Dr. Gundry’s new Food Pyramid, you will see meat is at the top of the pyramid, meaning is to be had sparingly and only from 100% pastured cows. But we all know real life beats theory, and if we have to feed a big family that is not yet completely into the plant paradox lifestyle, we need to find ways to work around it. So finding ways to hack classic comfort food and re-create healthier alternatives is my mission. This plant paradox meatloaf might sound like a heavy meal, but what if I told you more than half of it is made of vegetables? Continue Reading…