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Walnut and Green Banana Chocolate Bites

It’s not that often I crave chocolate but I do every now and then and I need to fix the craving. I know is my body telling me I need the good stuff in chocolate. I rarely buy ready made chocolate, because the Plant Paradox approved ready to buy chocolates are not that many or something to write home about. So today I fixed this yummy home made sugar free, lectin free chocolate and you can call it fudge if you want.

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Dr. Gundry’s Lemon Poppy Coffee Cake

This is seriously the best Plant Paradox cake I’ve made. This recipe from The Plant Paradox Cookbook by Dr. Steven Gundry caught my attention by… just being a cake with a beautiful texture. And I love cakes. I’ve been trying to perfect a grain free, sugar free, lectin free coffee cake for the past ten months and I’ve made some good ones, but this is the best so far.

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