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Avocado and Collard Greens Superfoods Smoothie

superfoods smoothie lectin free

Wow, if y’all know me you know I’m not a smoothie person. But I think I changed my mind, at least for the spring and summer to come. I’ve been wanting to get some superfoods for a long time and always been taken aback by the prices. They are super expensive, at least some of them, but I figured I’m worth it and finally took the plunge and bought spirulina, maca powder, Lion’s Mane and chlorella. And this superfoods smoothie is my new favorite food in the world.

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All Recipes/ Breakfast/ Latest Posts/ Vegan/ Vegetarian

Green Dream, The Plant Paradox Smoothie

Everyone starts The Plant Paradox program with the famous green smoothie, but I didn’t. I started it with baking orange-cranberry muffins. That says something about me, right? Joke aside, the reason I didn’t make a smoothie for two weeks was because I had no blender. I ordered a blender, waited for it to come, and started experimenting with the original green smoothie from the book, until I reached a mix I am satisfied with. The reason I call it Green Dream is because when I shared the smoothie for the first time on my Instagram, someone commented that it looks like a green dream, and I asked that person permission to use this as the official name. He agreed.

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