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Pao de Beijo or Luana’s Brazilian Sun Kissed Bread

You remember the easy Brazilian cheese bread I shared a few months ago? It was so easy to make and so delicious, I feel like you never need any other bread recipe. Well, if you are familiar with the recipe, this one comes from the same source, my dear Brazilian friend who was so kind to share it with me and all of you. Luana’s Brazilian Sun Kissed Bread, or ‘Pao de beijo’ in Brazilian (kiss bread) is a plant-based, dairy-free version of the above mentioned cheese bread.

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Rosemary and Chocolate Bread with Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive Olive Oil

There is something about this Mediterranean combination of ingredients that really appeals to me, and I’ve done a similar bread before with wheat flour, but I wanted to test a grain free, lectin free version. First time I shared a version of this bread I made a mistake and forgot to add the extra virgin olive oil under the ingredients lists. I was on vacation in West Texas with no possibility to test the recipe when I figured out the mistake, so the first day I came back I had to make it again and refine it to make sure everything is accurate. This is an improved version and I’m happy to say is delicious, moist and super nutritious.

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