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California Country Gal Grain Free, Lectin-Free Bagels

I don’t remember when and how I discovered California Country Gal grain free, lectin-free baking mixes. But I know I’ve used them so many times in so many shapes and forms, that I started experimenting with making my own recipes. Lectin-free bagels is one of them, even though is not really a new recipe, just a new way of using the mix and their recipes.

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Lectin Free Cinnamon Rolls for a Sunday Morning

Ok, this is not really a recipe, because for once I followed exactly someone else’s recipe. A couple of weeks ago I ordered for the first time the grain free flour mix from California Country Gal and I am not disappointed a bit. I had to wait a long time because first time I ordered I forgot to give my apartment number so it returned and was sent back again. The main reason of ordering this mix was to test a new bread, because a lot of you and the people following on Instagram mentioned their kids and families still love bread and we need a good one for the transition to a lectin free (or at least grain free) diet. But you know, cinnamon rolls sound much more exciting, because priorities. Now really, my husband ¬†was joking last night that I should wake up at 5 am and have warm cinnamon rolls ready when he wakes up, and I took it seriously. He loved them.

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