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Back to School. Six Lectin-Free Lunch Box Ideas (Part 1)

Preparing healthy lunches for your family all year round not only requires time and incredible dedication to keeping your family healthy, but it might put your creativity to the test. I remember my mom, who always cooked food at home, from scratch (and still does), asking us all the time: ‘What do you want me to cook? I’m out of ideas.’ Unfortunately we were not of much help, we knew she will come up with something good. That’s why I’m starting a regular feature where I’ll share with you healthy, lectin-free lunch box ideas that will make our lives a little easier.

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Articles and Guides/ Latest Posts

Four simple ways to reduce your plastic exposure and consumption

Eating and cooking healthy food doesn’t start and stop with the quality of the ingredients we use. Changing the food we consume is a big important step, but for optimal health there are other few disruptors we need to pay attention to. In the Plant Paradox book, Dr. Steven Gundry lists the seven deadly disruptors that are wreaking havoc on our gut health: broad spectrum antibiotics, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, stomach acid blockers, artificial sweeteners, endocrine disruptors, genetically modified foods and the herbicide Roundup and blue light. Plastic goes under the endocrine disruptors category, chemicals that interfere with the normal functioning of our hormones.

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