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Miracle Rice Pudding With Macadamia Milk and Texas Peaches

Every now and then I crave rice pudding and I usually have it as a main meal, not as a dessert. Rice pudding was one of my favorites foods growing up and when I met my Danish husband, one of the meals he made me was ‘risalamande’, a traditional Danish rice pudding with almonds usually made around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Delicious!

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Almond Flax Vegan Crackers with Zaatar Spices

I think my first cooking fail when I started the Plant Paradox program (about 7 months ago) were almond crackers. They came our soft, thick, and with a weird taste. I didn’t like them and never tried to make them again. Along the way I discovered flaxseed crackers, which were a revelation. They didn’t need eggs, it was basically just flax meal and water, easy to make, great taste, but sometimes you just need a little more than just flaxseed.   Continue Reading…