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Lectin-Free Christmas Cookies with Orange and Raspberries: Two Ways

I am more motivated these days to create savory, every day healthy dishes than baked stuff. Partly because I have enough really great recipes for sweet treats, and partly because I have a green tooth these days more than a sweet tooth. But, holidays are here and I just have to have some cookies on my table. So I created these lectin-free butter cookies today, and the dough can be used in different ways. My favorite ones are the thumbprint raspberry cookies.

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Grain Free Olive Oil Sesame Cookies

Not only these cookies are grain free but they are also egg and dairy free and of course, lectin free and Plant Paradox compliant and taste super good. Since I was using organic, Greek, extra virgin olive oil, I did a quick research on uses of olive oil in Greek cuisine baking. I found that olive oil is used for cookies, so I took it as a challenge to make a lectin free version of “Greek-like” olive oil cookies.

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