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My Experience With Too Much Histamine. Diet and Everything Beyond.

It all started one afternoon, in April 2019, when I experienced a panic attack right after my dinner. I must say it was not at all something common in my life, hence the surprise was big, and not pleasant. I was home alone, and I had eaten a super tasty vegan meal, all things I have eaten countless times before. Since then, I’ve been asked so many times about my experience, but I wasn’t ready to write about it. Even the thought of it was triggering me. Plus, “histamine intolerance” is a very confusing topic because is one of those things that not two people agree on it. I didn’t want to add to all this confusion, and I wanted my experience to empower you, rather than scare you. So read on, if you want to hear details about how I handled it, but keep in mind that not two people will experience an “histamine overload” the same. I just hope that by talking about my experience will help you handle the fear and confusion around weird symptoms, rather than give you a yes and no food list, which can vary from person to person.

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Instant Pot Oxtail with Root Vegetables and Horseradish

With the arrival of the cold season and shorter days, I felt the need for more warming and grounding meals. It’s still summer in Dallas, but I can smell fall in the air and I think my body is in tune with the change of seasons, regardless the temperatures in Dallas. This is a simple lectin-free and low histamine meal made in an Instant Pot, ready in one hour from start to finish, and we all know that the Instant Pot cooking time is time you can use to do something else.

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