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My Experience With Too Much Histamine. Diet and Everything Beyond.

It all started one afternoon, in April 2019, when I experienced a panic attack right after my dinner. I must say it was not at all something common in my life, hence the surprise was big, and not pleasant. I was home alone, and I had eaten a super tasty vegan meal, all things I have eaten countless times before. Since then, I’ve been asked so many times about my experience, but I wasn’t ready to write about it. Even the thought of it was triggering me. Plus, “histamine intolerance” is a very confusing topic because is one of those things that not two people agree on it. I didn’t want to add to all this confusion, and I wanted my experience to empower you, rather than scare you. So read on, if you want to hear details about how I handled it, but keep in mind that not two people will experience an “histamine overload” the same. I just hope that by talking about my experience will help you handle the fear and confusion around weird symptoms, rather than give you a yes and no food list, which can vary from person to person.

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