Cauliflower Rice and Seaweed Vegetable Poke Bowl

This lectin-free bowl looks only plant-based, but it has mini shrimps in it, which you can easily skip to make the dish vegetarian. The dressing has mayonnaise, which again can be skipped for a completely vegan version. So there is a little bit for everyone, and there is enough variety of vegetables to make it delicious and nutritious whatever the version. One-pan cooking method I was hungry and wanted to make this fast, and I didn’t feel like making a mess and cleaning too much. So all the vegetables in the bowl are cooked in the same pan, one after another. First I cooked the mushrooms and added the mini shrimps at the end. Next was the cauliflower, then the broccoli slaw. It’s a really nice way of cooking because they all get infused with flavors without being mixed. Which is essential for a nice poke bowl right? Super filling, nutritious and delicious. Use Dijon mustard and coconut yogurt to replace the mayo with a vegan dressing.