Sugar-Free Sweet Potato Pie (Gluten-Free)

Sugar-Free Sweet Potato Pie (Gluten-Free)

A sweet potato pie is so perfect for the colder season. This sugar-free sweet potato pie is nourishing and healthy, has no gluten, dairy or lectins, and is made with wholesome ingredients.



Thick Brush Stroke

- Cassava flour - Arrowroot or tapioca flour - Coconut flour - Monk fruit sweetener - Salt - Pastured eggs - Vanilla - Coconut oil - Water

For the crust

- Egg yolk - Plant milk

For the egg wash



- Cooked sweet potato - Vanilla Nut Pods creamer   or coconut cream - Pastured eggs - Pecan butter or hazelnut   butter - Sweetener of your choice - Vanilla - Sea salt - Allspice - Nutmeg - Cinnamon - Ground ginger

For the filling


Combine the flour, sweetener, and salt in a food processor. Add eggs, vanilla, and coconut oil and process until everything gets mixed together and forms a dough. Add cold water. Continue until the dough looks moister and easier to handle.

Make the dough


Take the dough out in a bowl and start kneading it. Shape the dough into a ball and leave it for 5 minutes to rest (don't refrigerate this dough, as it becomes very hard).

Shape into a ball


Flatten the ball out on the bottom parchment paper, spreading it into a round. Add the parchment sheet on top and start rolling with a pin until you get a sheet about 1/4 inch thick.

Roll the dough


Peel the top parchment paper off and carefully flip the dough on the top of the pie dish. Pinch the edges with your fingers to create that nice crust edge. Rest in the fridge.

Transfer to pie dish


To make the filling, add all the ingredients to a food processor and combine until creamy. Make the egg wash by mixing the egg yolk and water and brush the edges of the crust with the egg wash.

Make the filling


Fill the pie dish with the sweet potato filling, and bake for about 50 minutes in a preheated oven at 350F. The edges should be golden brown, and the top settled and golden.

Fill pie and bake


Serve as it is or with a dollop of whipped coconut cream.  Go the extra step, especially since a sweet potato pie doesn't look spectacular, and decorate with dry marigold petals and cornflowers.

Serve and enjoy

Tap the link below for full recipe, tips  & tricks and more healthy holiday cooking ideas

Tap the link below for full recipe, tips  & tricks and more healthy holiday cooking ideas