Green Sauce Recipes

Green Sauce Recipes

What is a green sauce

The green sauce is an uncooked mixture of various fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, aromatics, and spices. Sometimes nuts, cheeses, and more ingredients are added.

Chimichurri – Argentina and other Latin American countries

Salsa Verde – Spain

Gremolata – Italy

There are many variations of green sauces, depending on their origin

Pesto – Italy

Sauce Verte – France

Grüne Soße – Germany

Aji Verde – Peru

The health benefits of herbs

Herbs are bursting with flavor and nutrients, and incorporating them into your meals is a sure way to add some valuable nutrients to your food. Fresh herbs are an important source of polyphenols that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Fresh soft herbs

Hard or dry herbs


Green leaves or vegetables

Possible ingredients to make a green sauce

Nuts or seeds

Extra virgin olive oil

Acid like lemon juice, vinegar

Salt and pepper

Other flavors and spices

Cheese or cheese flavors

Thoroughly wash and dry your herbs

Chop your herbs


Mix all the dry ingredients

Add the liquid ingredients

Season and taste

Store in a glass container








How to make a green sauce

Add it to your breakfast eggs

Spread it on your sandwich bread or tortillas

Make a garnish for any animal protein meal, from steaks to chicken to fish and seafood

Use it as a salad dressing or for Buddha Bowls

How to use a green sauce

Use it to garnish roasted vegetables

Use it as a dipping sauce

Green sauce recipes

Parsley and Chives Chimichurri with Sumac

Wild Garlic Pesto

Mint Gremolata

Easy Radish Top Pesto

Carrot Tops Salad Dressing

Tap the link for 10 green sauce recipes for healthy and tasty meals

Tap the link for 10 green sauce recipes for healthy and tasty meals