Easy Cassava Flour Tortillas

Easy Cassava Flour Tortillas

These easy-to-make cassava flour tortillas only have four ingredients: cassava flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, and salt.

We love these cassava tortillas because they can accommodate so many diets:

- grain-free - nut-free - paleo - gluten-free - lectin-free - dairy-free - vegan - AIP - whole-30 - low-histamine

What you need to make cassava flour tortillas


- Cassava flour - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Lukewarm water  - Salt


- Cast-iron skillet or   griddle - Kitchen scale - Tortilla press or a   rolling pin - A mixing bowl,   parchment paper


Add the cassava flour, extra virgin olive oil, and salt to a bowl. Add one cup of water, mix with a wooden spoon or spatula and start adding the rest of the water. When you cannot use the spatula anymore, start mixing with your hands.

Mix ingredients


This is the secret to a very elastic dough, so don’t skip this step. Once the dough becomes homogeneous, knead it for about five minutes until the dough becomes very elastic, and you start to hear and feel pockets of air inside it. You have to stop before it becomes sticky.

Knead the dough


Shape it into a ball and portion it into eight equal parts. While you are working on each tortilla, cover the rest, so they don't dry out.

Shape the dough


Roll them all out with the rolling pin or use a tortillas press. Place them in between squares of parchment paper. After rolling them out, you will start to cook them.

Roll them out


Heat a dry cast-iron skillet on the stove or on the grill. It has to be hot before you add the first tortilla. Cook for about two or three minutes on each side; they will start forming brown blisters and air pockets.

Cook the tortillas


Once cooked, put them on a towel and partially cover. If you cover them entirely, steam will be formed. You can eat these straight away, or you can make them in advance and quickly warm them up before serving (you can also use them cold or freeze).

Serve and enjoy

Tap below for the full recipe, tips & tricks and ideas how to use cassava flour tortillas.

Tap below for the full recipe, tips & tricks and ideas how to use cassava flour tortillas.