Easy Artichoke Tapenade with Olives

Easy Artichoke Tapenade with Olives

Embrace the vibrant tastes of the Mediterranean with this modern olive and artichoke tapenade. Not only is it a flavorful delight, but it’s also brimming with fiber, healthy fats, and polyphenols.



- Artichoke hearts (from    a brine jar) - Mixed kalamata and    green olives - Garlic cloves - Capers - Extra virgin olive oil - Fresh lemon juice - Freshly ground    pepper


In a food processor, combine the artichoke hearts, mixed olives, garlic, capers, olive oil, lemon juice, and ground pepper.

Mix ingredients


Blend the mixture until it reaches your desired consistency: blend less for a chunkier tapenade or more for a smoother paste. An immersion blender can also be used.

Blend ingredients


Taste and adjust seasoning, if needed. Serve immediately. If storing, transfer to an airtight glass jar and refrigerate for up to 5 days.

Serve or store

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