13 Plant Paradox Recipes with Pasture-Raised Chicken

If you are reading this, chances are you have started the Plant Paradox protocol and you are confused about what chicken or poultry is Plant Paradox compliant and where to get it from. Or, you are just looking for more ideas on how to make lectin-free, Plant Paradox approved recipes using pasture-raised chicken. I’ve been following the Plant Pardox protocol for 1.5 years (since August 2017), and this is one of the most frequent question I see in forums and on social media. I hope this article will clarify most of your qustions related to chicken and poultry and will help you cook some yummy food. You are what the things you are eating ate This is a major rule of the Plant Paradox protocol. Naturally, chickens are supposed to roam pastures, soak in the sun and eat grasses, bugs, insects, worms and everyhting they may found in the soil. You want to eat poultry that are never given antibiotics, hormones, steroids, and that are not supplemented with GMO corn, wheat and soy. Unfortunately, free-range doesn’t mean much, it just means the birds are given at least 5 minutes of access to air per day. They are still crowded in … Continue reading 13 Plant Paradox Recipes with Pasture-Raised Chicken