How to Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet

How to Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet

Sugar is hidden everywhere and has a devastating effect on our health. I am sharing my personal story of how I managed to quit sugar 5 years ago, regain my health, maintain it and how I still enjoy healthy sweet treats.

Claudia Curici Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Why is sugar bad for you?

- Sugar has a    devastating effect on    our microbiome - The overconsumption    of sugar drives Type 2    diabetes and obesity - Sugar takes a big toll    on our immune    system - Sugar affects heart      and brain health - Sugar is addictive

Most sugar in our diet comes from:

- Soft drinks – 25% - Fruit drinks – 11% - Sport/energy drinks – 3% - Coffee/tea – 7% - Snacks and sweets – 31% - Processed foods         (bread, sauces,    dressings, etc) - 23%

Steps to eliminate sugar from your diet:

- Educate yourself on the    effects of sugar - Learn to read labels - Do a pantry makeover - Remove most processed    foods - Learn about safe    alternatives to sugar - Exploring new ways of    cooking without sugar - Eat only whole, low-sugar    fruits and fruit in season

Steps to eliminate sugar (Cont'd):

- Hydrate - Add vegetables rich in    prebiotic fiber - Eat clean protein - Improve your cooking    skills - Start your day with a    nutrient-dense, savory    breakfast - Stop eating 4 hours    before sleep. - Share your journey and    help others

In these past 5 years, I created more than 100 recipes of delicious, satisfying sweet treats. Tap the link to read the full story:

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