Healthy Holiday Fruitcake

Healthy Holiday Fruitcake

A healthy holiday fruitcake with a twist: a layer of rich chocolate shortcrust, a vibrant and flavorful nut, fruit, and chocolate filling, enveloped in a light and airy meringue. This fruitcake is gluten-free, lectin-free, and low in sugar compared to other classic fruitcakes and made with only wholesome, healthy ingredients.



- Almond flour - Cassava flour - Chestnut flour - Salt - Cacao - Inulin powder - Vanilla essence - Organic orange zest - Plant milk - Egg yolks - French butter

For the chocolate shortcrust



- Nut and fruit mix - Tapioca flour/starch - Warming spice - Organic orange zest - Ginger powder - Almond extract - Salt - Whole eggs and egg white - Monk fruit or another   sweetener

For the filling

The nut and fruit mix is made of pistachios, walnuts, blanched almonds, apricots, Medjool dates, dry aronia berries, freeze-dried raspberries, dark chocolate

The nut and fruit mix

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Mix all the ingredients in a bowl (saving the two egg whites), in the listed order, then grate the cold butter straight from the refrigerator and add it to the bowl.

Make the crust


Mix with the hands just enough to make a dough, but don't overmix. Form a ball, then flatten it into an 8x8 inch square on a plastic wrap, wrap it around and place it in the refrigerator for one hour.

Flatten dough


Make the dry nut and fruit mix. Roughly chop the nuts (walnuts, pecans, pistachios, blanched almonds) and the bigger dry fruits, the dark chocolate, and add them to a mixing bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Mix nuts and fruit


Add tapioca flour, and mix well, so all the pieces are coated with the flour.

Add tapioca flour


Add the cold dough to the pan and spread it out. Push it up the edges for about 1/2 inch or less. Cover the dough with plastic and put it back in the fridge for another 30 minutes,

Transfer dough


Separate the yolks from the whites. Add the yolks to a big mixing bowl, mix it with the sweetener, and beat it until creamy. Beat the 5 egg whites in a separate bowl until stiff.

Prepare eggs


Slowly incorporate the egg whites into the egg yolks, gently folding them in with a spatula. Then add the nut and fruit mix, folding them in until they are evenly distributed (don't overmix).

Mix eggs and fruit


Add the filling on top of the dough, level with a spatula, and bake for 10 minutes at 350F/180C. Turn the heat down to 320F/160C and bake for 35 more minutes.

Add filling and bake


When it is done, take the baking sheet out, and let it rest, at room temperature, in the baking sheet, for about 6 hours. Refrigerate before slicing.

Rest, slice and serve

Tap the link below for full recipe and for more healthy sugar-free, gluten-free baking ideas

Tap the link below for full recipe and for more healthy sugar-free, gluten-free baking ideas

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