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The Plant Paradox: 18 Steps to Reduce Chronic Inflammation and Improve Your Health

Do you want to adopt a healthy(-er) lifestyle, eat better, feel better but you are confused and overwhelmed by all the information out there, some of it even contradictory? Well, that was me 1.5 years ago, before I started the Plant Paradox program, in August-2017, so I totally get it. I was in my late 30s, in fact in 2019 I’ll be 40, and although I was relatively healthy all my life (or so I thought) the past few years I started to have all sorts of problems I was puzzled about: gaining weight and looking puffy despite eating ‘well’ and exercising, doing yoga, being active in general. So what was I doing wrong?

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Citrus and Aniseeds Infused Olives

Let’s take one thing out of the way. I love olives. I’m obsessed with olives. This is a long time love affair, I’ve been obsessed with olives since I was a kid. I could eat so many of them it’s crazy. When I read the Plant Paradox book, at one point Dr. Steven Gundry makes this statement: “all olives are allowed”. That was the decisive moment for me, when I thought I could totally do this.

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Orange Tahini Sauce / Spread

Few weeks ago a fellow Dallas food blogger mentioned these two words in a conversation: tahini and orange. He also said “is better than Nutella”. Enough to convince me this must be a good combination, so I’ve been dreaming about it for the past weeks. It turns out the combination lives up to my expectations – I couldn’t stop licking the fork I was mixing with, my fingers too.

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