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Are Almonds Plant Paradox Compliant?

One of the most confusing matters when it comes to the plant paradox program and one of the most frequent asked questions: Are almonds compliant, because I can’t find them on the YES and NO lists? Or, are almonds lectin-free? The answer is, yes, almonds are plant paradox compliant when eaten without the skin because, you guessed, almond skin is high in lectins. Almonds without skins are also called ‘blanched almonds’. 

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Mini Bella Mushrooms Stuffed with Almond Ricotta and Oregano

In case you don’t know what mini bellas are, they are baby Portobello mushrooms. Just making sure because I didn’t know they existed until recently. This is a very easy recipe, plant centered and plant paradox friendly. The stuffing is made with almond ricotta and fresh oregano so these lectin free stuffed mushrooms are also dairy free.

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